The environmental challenges of renewable energy, not a simple compromise.

In 2015, 140 nations committed to the Paris Climate Change Accord to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by 90% (from 2010 levels) and reach carbon neutrality by 2100. To achieve this goal the energy sector has largely been focused on. Renewable energies account for approximately 17% of global energy consumption, requiring a significant production increase…
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ESG: is it relevant at the exploration phase?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria refers to a set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. These criteria consider how a company performs as a steward of nature, it examines how a company manages its relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the community and lastly, investigates…
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Environmental Auditing: What’s the need?

The first publicly recognised environmental audit in South Africa was undertaken by ESKOM in 1989. This major environmental audit was viewed by observers as having mixed success (DEAT, 2004). It did however succeed in starting the process and cementing the importance of environmental audits in South Africa. Environmental Audits are the most proficient tool at…
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