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Environmental Auditing: What’s the need?

The first publicly recognised environmental audit in South Africa was undertaken by ESKOM in 1989. This major environmental audit was viewed by observers as having mixed success (DEAT, 2004). It did however succeed in starting the process and cementing the importance of environmental audits in South Africa. Environmental Audits are the most proficient tool at…
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Bee Keeping as a novel ecological and social initiative at mining projects.

Active mines have a responsibility to protect the environment in which they operate as well as contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic development on the surrounding host communities. These requirements would be set out in the mine’s approved Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and advancing the wellbeing of the host communities is critical to obtaining and maintaining…
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World Rivers Day 2020

The responsibility and legal obligation of mining and other industries to protecting water courses and water sources in South Africa. South Africa is widely recognised as a water-scarce country, according to the average total actual renewable internal freshwater resources per person per year. South Africa had an estimated 912 cubic metres (m3) of water per…
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